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How do you Download ps3 games or make a backup copy of the game you have.?


Hi i have just purchased a PS3 and spent a lot of money on the system and games but i don’t want that money to go to waste. My little brother and sister are not careful with my stuff and have broke many of my games in the?e past. Is there any way you can make a backup copy of the game you own on your system so that you can play the game without having the disk in? Like burn the disk from inside your system to the hard drive so you can always play and save it without the disk because last thing i need is to loose one of my 60-70$ games. And if this is not possible is there anyway i can download the games that i already have online on a blank disk so they will play like normal on my ps3? if so please link cause i rather have like 4 of the game then to have them brake the one i have. Thank you much guys!

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  1. If you go to the playstation store they have some games that are full version. not big title games do. but they got burnout, and ect ect.

    why can’t you put ur games in a closet or in a high place where the brats don’t have access to them?

  2. um if your actually telling the truth and not just looking for free games, you need to first have a bluray disc burner. if not, you cant

  3. No.

    Blu-Ray discs do not damage or scratch as easily as previous DVD and CD formats, so there is no point to making backup copies. I guarantee you your younger siblings will have a very, very, very tough time trying to break or destroy a PS3 game. A Brillo pad won’t even ruin these games.

    No, you cannot copy entire disc games on the hard drive. I don’t think you realize how big PS3 games are. If you could install entire disc games, you would run out of hard drive space in a week as these games are actually 20 GB or more in size (PS3 exclusives may push the size to the 50 GB disc limit). Downloading these games online would eat up you monthly internet cap very quickly as well (if you have any).

    Playing disc games withouth the discs violates copyright issues and Playstation game copying in general is very illegal to do. With the PS3’s updating and online connections, they can find out if you are trying to commit piracy and ban you from the PSN forever. They might even go so far to attempt to have you prosecuted if you do it with many games since they have your IP address. PS3 doesn’t play burned games anyway since mod chips do not exist.

    To sum up, Sony did their homework with they made the PS3. Its damn near hack proof, built well, and the technology used ensures that its a durable investment and won’t break easily. Much, much, much different from the PS1 and PS2.

  4. There’s no way to play backup games on the PS3. The PS3 is unhackable due to so many firmware updates.

    It’s hard to scratch a PS3 game, and I don’t think it’s that easy to snap a game in half.

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