Home Xbox Forum how do i fix my xbox 360 elite’s red lights?

how do i fix my xbox 360 elite’s red lights?


i’m checking if it’s still under warranty, but not sure.

all but the top right lights are red. it turns on with the controller and when i push the button on the console. however the “turning on video” will freeze (the big ball with an x on it moving) and all i can do is turn it off. the lights also blink.

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  1. They extended the warranty for the 3 red lights to 3 years. So unless you have one of the very first elites, it will still be under warranty. If you are looking on the xbox support web site it may say your console is out of warranty but you would still be covered by the extended warranty for this problem if your xbox is between 1 and 3 years old.

  2. 1-800-My-XBOX. You can send in your xbox to microsoft. If you’re under warranty it’s free, but it’ll take about 3-4 weeks before you even see your XBOX back. If not under warranty, then it’ll easily cost you over $100 and still take 3-4 weeks. Been there done that.

    Just get yourself a repair guide, it’s seriously the easiest thing to do and you’ll be up and running same day.

    go to google and search: XBOX 360 Fix

    You’ll find what you are looking for. I fixed my own and haven’t had a problem for 5 months now =P

  3. Instead of sending it in for repairs just do this here

    *How to fix the Xbox 360 RRoD (Red Ring of Death)*

    1. Turn off your Xbox 360

    2. Take out the disc

    3. Clean disc (optional)

    4. Unplug everything in the back (power chord, audio, video chords)

    5. Let sit unplugged for about 15-30 seconds

    6. Plug it all back up

    7. Power on the console with a game, movie, or music disc inside of the Xbox 360 Console

    8. PLAY! HAVE FUN!


    1 Ring- Hard Drive Failure and/or troubles

    2 Rings- Overheating

    3- Rings- The RRoD (The Red Ring of Death)

  4. My XBOX 360 was under warranty, but I could not waste a month of my gaming life while Microsoft twiddles their thumbs. I fixed mine myself. I’m probably the dumbest person in the world when it comes to repairs & especially electronics.

    I was up and running the same day I bought my guide & I haven’t had a single problem in the last 5 months since I fixed it.

    I bought this guide and it walked me through it, I had it up and running in about an hour. It’s so easy, I could do it. You can check it out by copying and pasting: –> tinyurl.com/ycccwp2 < -- into the URL. They have a demo on their site of their repairs(they fix all sorts of problems), check it out. if you can follow along to the demo. you’ll be able to do it. Easy as pie, as my mother used to Here’s that URL again: tinyurl.com/ycccwp2 If it works out for you, consider me for top answer please =D.

  5. There are different kinds of RROD, and each different failure has a different set of flashing red lights. Here is a breakdown of what the different lights mean and how to fix them:

    1. Just the lower right red light

    Meaning: Hardware Failure

    Description: When a failure of a hardware component occurs, Q4 will flash red. Usually, a two digit error code is displayed on the connected display (such as E74).

    How to fix: Unplug EVERYTHING, video cable, the two parts of the power adapter, any attached components such as cooling fan, wireless adapter, or any USB attachment. Let the Xbox sit for a minuet and replug in everything and turn on. If it still flashes red, this means that somewhere, either your video cable or your power adapter, has an internal failure and needs to be replaced.

    2. Two upper and lower left lights

    Meaning: Overheating

    Description: When the temperature of the console reaches an unusually high level, the console will shut off the CPU and GPU, run the fans at full speed and flash Q1 and Q3 on the ring of light, until the console has cooled sufficiently.

    How to fix: Simply let the Xbox do its job by cooling itself down. But beware, this can often lead to the dreaded General Hardware Failure which will be explained below.

    3. Lower left and right, and upper left lights

    Meaning: General Hardware Failure

    Description: When a failure of one or more hardware components occurs, Q1, Q3 and Q4 will flash red. This is similar to the one red light error, but there is no error code displayed on the connected display. Most often, the main reason to this failure is a melted GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) or other melted soldering.

    How to fix: There is no quick fix to this failure, and there are only two options for you:

    *Send your Xbox 360 to Microsoft (if under warranty) and wait one to two months for them to return it fixed

    *Fix it yourself by going to Google and searching for a fix (WARNING: Only do this if you do not have a warranty. It is stupid and foolish to attempt a self repair if you still have a warranty. And if you are fixing it yourself, be sure to NOT USE THE TOWEL METHOD OF REPAIR! This may temporarily fix it, but in the end will create even more internal damage than before, and may be irreversible.)

    4. All four lights

    Meaning: AV Cable Error

    Description: When the AV cable is not detected, due to it not being plugged in or due to a more serious problem, all four quadrants of the ring of light will flash red. This error code is not displayed on consoles with a HDMI connection.

    How to fix: Plug it in!

    I hope this answers your question.

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