Home Xbox Forum how do i fix a 3 red ring of death?

how do i fix a 3 red ring of death?


okay so my friend gave me his xbox and told me i could keep it if i could fix it. first of all, what i did was try turning it on to see what would happen. it gave me the one ring of death with an error code of e 74 i think. anyway i googled how to fix that, once i did the fix for that, it gave me the two ring of death (which was to be expected). seeing that it did not go back to normal, i googled the fix for the two ring of death. i performed the fix for that. then it gave me the three ring of death. i looked up the fix for that (which was pull the whole damn thing apart and put a thermal compound on the main chips on the motherboard located underneath the heat syncs) i did that and put everything back together and its still giving me the three ring of death. i have no idea if this helps or not but when i try turning it on, the fan starts up for a half a second then shuts down and gives me the three flashing rings of death. is there any hope for the sucker or can i look forward to sighting in my gun?

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  1. Well nick the first you need is unplug it, walk to the window and throw it at your niebors car, get in your car, go to walmart or gamestop and buy a new one, go home, plug it in,turn it on, put a game in, play it then go to bed I hope could help. Ps im not kidding thats the only way.

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