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how can i put music on to my xbox 360 without burning cd’s?


i want to put music onto my xbox 360. ive tried plugging my ipod into it, but it doesnt show up on my xbox dashboard. any help would be awesome thanks!
what about if i had a flash drive and put the music on there?

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  1. The only way to actually save music to your 360’s hard drive is to rip from CDs. You can stream from a normal iPod (not a Touch or iPhone) if you download the Optional Media Update from Xbox Live and you’re playing unprotected music. Once you have those, you can stream through the guide menu or by going to My Xbox-Music Library on your dashboard.

    -A flash drive or external hard drive will also work for streaming music. Streaming is easier than copying to your hard drive anyway because you can switch your music around without needing to rip from a bought CD or burn to one and then rip.

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