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GRID Autosport Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 PS3 HD


GRID Autosport Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 PS3 HD


  1. Eu já comprei o game e estou esperando chegar pelos correios. É muito bom esse jogo. grande abraço Alex

  2. Who drives a racecar 12 feet behind it and six feet up. Worst view ever. Never watch a vid from you again lol

  3. I havnt yet played this game but im pretty sure i could beat you. Im planning on buying this game next week. Give me another week too practise. Then id like too race you. This is the deal. You have too film the race then Put it on your youtube channel. If i win i prove too you and your fans your shit . But if you win it'll make me look like a cocky twat!!!
    Ps3 name: junglistmovments add

  4. Appreciate that you're uploading gameplay early but you REALLY need to work on your braking/cornering. You should never really pause between when you lift off the throttle and when you hit the brakes. You also need to brake a lot earlier in the corners, going in slow and coming out fast is better. Try switching cams too. Ramming the cams/track also isnt smart and will hurt you a lot in cars that get damaged easily 

  5. peter jackson if you acused you will be considered as a pussy, this game is awesome let it show us

  6. Please delete the Grid Autosport videos or I have to inform Codemasters. There is an embargo till the 24th. June 2014. All videos published before the 24th. June (piracy versions) will get claimed and receive copyright strikes. You have three hours to delete your content or I will inform Codemasters and YouTube.

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