Home Playstation Forum Getting a PS3 need info please help?

Getting a PS3 need info please help?


Im getting a ps3 and need internet info, best game to get, and how do u get facebook on it, how to make PSN?

Anything else I need to kno will be much appreciated.

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  1. The kind of internet you need is high speed broadband or WI-fi. Their are many good games out just depends on what kind of genre you like. For action the best would be Uncharted 1 or 2 the second has amazing online play. Call of duty is a good first person shooter with great online play. Need for speed hot pursuit is a really good racing game. Mass effect 2 is a great game won many game of the year awards in 2010. Ps3 has a built in web browser so you can surf the web on your ps3. It’s pretty simple to create a psn you just need an e-mail address and basic info. If you plan on purchasing stuff on psn you will need a credit or debit card. Good luck with your Ps3 hope you enjoy it it’s an amazing console!

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