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GameSpot Reviews – WRC 2: FIA World Rally Championship 2011


GameSpot Reviews - WRC 2: FIA World Rally Championship 2011


  1. If you still want some racing, try old but good game titled F1 Challenge '99-'02. Though it is about Formula One, it is good, supports correct widescreen resolutions, has quite solid gameplay and even can be played on keyboard after configuring some of driving ads

  2. modern rally games are quite primitive, icluding new wrc 1, 2, 3. You have not lost much by not playing that. Alas, there is NO ONE good racing game that is not outdated. We had CMR 02 back in 2000, and RBR in 2004 (but that was inable to play with gamepad, only wheel). Now we have only shit for kids.

  3. If I want a good rally sim should I get this WRC3? I don't have any rally games and I don't care if this is not an improvement on WRC1. Dirt series does not have enough rally for me and gymkhana looks stupid. Are the stages in WRC2 longer than WRC2 and are the physics as good. Any insight would be appreciated.

  4. Thats not quite true. there both good games. Dirt is fantastic but its more like a racing game that happens to have a small bit of rallying in it.
    While WRC 3 is more of the full on rally game that caters for the fans of the sport.

    If you liked the ones on the old console you will like this. people aren't really saying its crap. its just not the state of the art rally sim that we are all waiting for.(kind of like the new F1 game) But its still a step up from the games on the ps2

  5. If you want a rally game for the current generation of consoles your stuck with two choices WRC of Dirt. Their really is nothing else.

  6. i got all the WRC games for ps2 and thought they were better than colin mcrae or richard burns and really enjoyed them. i want a rally game for ps3 now i've got one but should i get this or is there a better rally game?

  7. I truely feel sorry for you, because that was posted 10 months ago and you had nothing better to do than to troll on that comment.

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