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Flock Flocking Crazy Trailer


Flock Flocking Crazy Trailer

Should you throw your Xbox 360 into the sea and play games on your iPad 4 or Air instead, or does mobile gaming still have some catching up to do? This video compares the upcoming BioShock iPad/iPhone port to the eight-year-old Xbox 360 version – find out which looks best!

BioShock iOS vs BioShock Xbox 360 Graphics Comparison

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  1. I think the IOS version of the intro looks better because I looks more apocalyptic or overthrown.

  2. looks like a bad port. i bet that games from last gen could run on mobile devices without anything scaled back.

  3. Honestly this game could look bettter than the original Bioshock and I still wouldnt touch it since I hate playing games like this on a touch screen

  4. The iOS port strongly reminds me of System Shock 2. (graphically) I do know that Ken Levine and them worked on both. It's still amazing that an iPad can run a last gen game even though it looks like it's from 2003.

  5. i actually think iOS devices could run a better looking version but didnt do it so it wouldnt kill your storage
    still amazing i can play this game on an iphone

  6. how would I play this on the iPad? with touch controls? interested if I could use a controller with it.

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