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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Review


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Review


  1. I really enjoyed Final Fantasy 15 and would like to get into more final fantasy games would yall recommend this game?

  2. this is a difficult one…its a great concept and a strong force in the FF universe….but my god are some of the characters so useless! Battle mode makes it so hard for people to play the game, and only ranged units can do good damage without dying. Every battle i did, my sword wielding characters died so fast!! and its not like it was hard enemies, I was just following the story.
    Maybe i skipped a bit of the tutorial that was key to the battle system….but should it really be that complicated for a realtime battle mode?

  3. I have never played final fantasy, should I just get the new one (15) or this one first for Xbox one?

  4. the movement is soo jerky and some of the AI just seem to slide around instead of walking, and boy, got sick with the movement in battle, motion sickness

  5. I am falling in love with cinque like she an extremely slow attacker but when her attack hits ur lucky if u survive

  6. The scenario of war and trying to defend your land was good until that "Finis" thing comes, it was like irrelevant another story -.-

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