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Fight Night Round 4 Review


Fight Night Round 4 Review


  1. i cant play another one they need to step their game up this is new gen just because you change things around a lil and up the graphics doesnt mean crap when you have all that data space you can be using like being able to pick your coach and having a storyline smh

  2. BTW, IGN your review was strongly misleading. last time i ever take advise from one of your far off reviews. you use to be so harsh on games. now it seems you have sold out and are getting payed off by the company's to push crappy games on to us. no longer the word of gamers and i hope your sell out company goes down in flames.

  3. worst boxing game ever!!! don't buy it waste of money blows,hated it.played it for about 40sec's and deleted it from my 360. was sent even worth the hd space. Corny movement and bad controllers presets. i give it a -10 hope the developers didn't get payed for making this piece of crap. i defiantly felt ripped off after buying this game.

  4. The only thing I found this game to be better is this soundtrack is better than champion's soundtrack even though I like most of the songs in champion. It doesn't have any catchy songs I enjoyed like in round 4 compared in champion. 

  5. The last patch to Fight Night Champion made the game unplayable for me.the CPU punches itself out on every level of difficulty even with the CPU punch output all the way down.they turned a great game into one I can barely play anymore.the blocking was downgraded.Fight Night Round 4 is better

  6. is this game any good? plz give me ur views. from looking at gameplay videos im not that impressed. it doesnt look like a realistic boxing game. it looks more like mma games by ea. where two people just get too close to each other and trade punches and blocks….

  7. Yeah,it's not only the best Boxing game ever made,it's the best sports game EVER IMO!And yes I relize what amazing games I'm putting it up against when I say that.Saying that since I consider Skating a sport,Skate 2 might just beat it!?!

  8. EA do that all the time so you have to buy the latest FIFA or NFL every year to play it online,money grubbing pricks!!

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