Home Xbox Games F1 2015 REVIEW – XBOX ONE – Is it worth buying?

F1 2015 REVIEW – XBOX ONE – Is it worth buying?


F1 2015 REVIEW - XBOX ONE - Is it worth buying?


  1. i am new to F1 i dont have a F1 game yet, just looking at mo, what i have seen looks very good, i know the tracks as i race using. Real Racing 3. thanks for the intro.

  2. so did i hear you correctly? you van manually drive oug of the pits and you can change the setting from the pit menu? ive been trying to find it and cant seem to find it anywhere. any insight into this?

  3. really man that coded physics for this game dont have a driver's licence , driving these cars is more like ice skating if any sort of movement..  i didn't expect much of it but really this  isn't even a car, come on..

  4. Top review,  Subscribed .

    One thing I find a bit annoying about F1 2015 is the voice level of the engineer . Im on Xbox One with F1 2015 and his voice level even when set to max is so low its difficult to hear him. A nuisance when theres no fuel or tyre wear visual on the hud.
    I have P.CARS on PS4 and the engineers voice is loud and clear.
    Other than that im really enjoying the game.
    Anyone know if this is a Xbox bug or is it the same with the PS4 version ?

  5. lol stella how you have failed. liking this terrible arcade game? completely fake and not anything good or realistic at all.

  6. Can you do a career like in old F1 games where you start off at a low team as a player you create (name etc) and then play multiple seasons building your way up to the top teams?

  7. I tied a few races with a pad, definitely not as good to play with as P.CARS is with the pad but its not to bad , so if you dont have a wheel dont be put off buying as it is playable with a pad though a wheel is definitely best .

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