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Eye Of Judgment PS3 Video Review


Eye Of Judgment PS3 Video Review

The Eye of Judgment was a really interesting idea that, for the most part, actually worked. But due to low interest, and the PS3’s low install base, the game never really took off like Sony hoped it would. Here’s a look back at the original card game for the PlayStation 3, The Eye of Judgment.

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Remembering: The Eye of Judgment (PS3)


  1. @MonarchCentral Now, lets not blame Sony, Konami needs to give the rights to do it first. That being said we need to focus out attention on way Konami hasn't done that yet. Lol

  2. They need to use this technology to make a yugioh game, that would be a pretty big hit, it would have the 360 fan boys crawling to the PS3 side.

  3. Awesome, graphical, fantasticness. First time I've ever heard that one. 😉

    Looks pretty cool, like a virtual Magic!

  4. Would love to see Sony revive this game for the Ps4. Maybe take a bit of notes from Magic The Gathering, or Caldberd or whatever it was called.

  5. the game was actually really good, when it worked. But the psp/ps vita version is also really good.

  6. This game is the reason I bought a PS3. Loved the game but that camera was sooo bad. Good lighting? You needed halogen stadium lights in your bedroom/front room.

  7. This for me was one of my favourite ps3 games would love a ps4 sequel or remaster with same cards.

  8. I'm waiting for it now so I can c what it's like I bought game for like 29cent

  9. That game was great. A friend and i played it almost every night. Too bad it died so fast and nobody cared. It had so much potential.

  10. And of course in TRUE Sony fashion (along with DLC codes in hard copy games that isn't on disc but e-x-p-i-r-e-s) they' killed the servers, thereby fekking their customers!
    Like leaving the server up would have broke Sony.

  11. Best PS3-game out there (together with Heavy Rain) of course. Got the full set, won Dioskuri-card 2 times and was known as the luckiest guy in the whole community. Man, that was one dedicated community, which I've never found since then. Got a complete set and still fear the day the PS3 network will go down and the time when you won't be able to get the SET2/3 patches anymore, which makes 2 of my complete sets unusable :'(…

  12. what they should do is combine this game with the chaotic tcg system of each card having an individual code which you need to register from the pack. That way people wouldn't be able to just print it out for a couple of cents. 
    I actually have revisited the psp version on my vita. oh the memories 🙁

  13. What version of the PS3 did you use for this review (original, slim, super slim)? For some reason now, mine will not play on my system anymore. When I fire it up to play the single player, I get a error message.

  14. This was one of the best game ever! I still play it. I have nearly all the 3 full sets! This means a lot of money! But these bastards turned off the dedicated servers very fast! This very bad for the people that still was buying cards and still looking for a match…actually there are some forums where people meeting t play togheter with third part software simulating a server…I am pretty sure the will come out with the sequel one day…

  15. I really loved this game. I was the only one in my friend group in high school who had a PS3 and I took my console and this game over to a friends house and we stayed up playing for hours. Sucks it never grew into anything. I still have the cards somewhere, haha. 

  16. By the way, this remember when series is a great idea. If possible I have a few suggestions for games you could review. on PS1 there was Parasite Eve 1 & 2, Final Fantasy 8 and 9. On the PS2 there was the Dot Hack (.HACK) series, Full Spectrum Warrior 1 and 2. If I can think of any more I will post them. Keep at it. Bless 

  17. This was a great game and it is sad that we never got a chance to fully enjoy it. It was in Japan long before we got it in the U.S. by the time it caught on, the cards were hard to find and there was hardly no one on the servers to play against. I really hope some one picks this idea up and run with it on the PS4. Great video!!!!

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