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Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2: Gameplay #1



Some Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 Gameplay footage.

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2: Gameplay #1


  1. The Strike Freedom's ground SP has a pretty low DPS so it's not as good against multiple targets. The aerial SP, on the other hand, is an awesome crowd cleaner.

    Mind you, I'm basing this on the PS2 version played on an emulator so it might not apply to the PS3 version.

  2. Respond to this video… If they have a custom gundam they should let u upgrade your gundam and get parts to make one. (you start of with a normal gundam. Maybe more armor and part the heavier it is? If you have anything u would put in the game message me!

  3. @mascrath Why would people hate you quatre is cool. Sandrock is a good gundam he actully is good hes my second favorite. Thx for the the respond!

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