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Duel Review #574 – Chaos Head Anime


Duel Review #574 - Chaos Head Anime

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  1. I didn't like it but I forgot what it was about I watched it so long ago. Chaos Child is out and I thought I'd give it a watch. But I forgot what it was about. But I know I didn't like it lol

    Thanks for this Review gents.

  2. I was watching Resident Evil DBG and than you said – Chaos;Head next.
    OK, I need to subscribe 😉

  3. I really liked the first half but in the second half after they explain everything it turns really generic

  4. For the people who lacks half a brain to understand this anime: 

    The protagonist has the power to blend reality at will. He was part of an experiment from Nozomi Corp.
    The others "megalomaniacs" have reality warp powers too.


    He isn't even real, The protagonist is an illusion created by the real protagonist, Shogun (the old guy in a wheelchair). Shogun created the protagonist because he's dying, and need to stop the evil corporation to take over the world. Served.

  5. C;H was OK…I grasped everything because I marathoned the last 8 episodes (4-12)………once you've seen steins;gate, its easier to understand the different concepts in the anime. I guess .5pb just likes mindf***ing people through anime! XD

  6. i endedup watching the first episode with my sister and i could put it aside and maybe watch it another time. i saw little bits and pieces because she watched it later and sorry. it looks too stupid for me.

  7. The guys who made this (Nitroplus) also made another anime, one that is much better, called Steins;Gate.

    It's a great anime, though it suffers from an incredibly slow beginning.

  8. Thanks! And I need to get caught up. I'll probably do that this weekend! I can't wait!
    – Nick.

  9. good review!! btw hav u guys been keeping up with attack on titan? the last episode airs this weekend!!

  10. I was making a joke. Yes, I know, it's hard not to. Watch one episode and they'll say it six times. Still, I think it was Joey's.
    – Nick.

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