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Does it Cost to connect my Xbox 360 to my wireless internet?


Thats it really, Im new to this lol


  1. It depends, is it your wireless connection your connecting to? If it is, no. It’s like using a laptop and your wireless hub.

  2. NO. Its all in the package. you pay for internet and you get wirelass to connect laptops xbox playstation or phones upto wirelessly with no fee’s

  3. Everyone made this very confusing for you. So first of all you can connect your xbox to xbox Live for free with your wireless internet. This will let you see what friends you have online and talk to them or download games or demos. BUT if you want to play a game online multiplayer against other people online, that is when you have to pay. You have to upgrade your current free (silver) account to GOLD.A Gold membership is $10=1 month.$25=3 months.$60=12 months. So basically if you dont want to play online multiplayer games against other people, then it is completely free

  4. NO. it does not cost anything to use the xbox to search and connect to a wired or wireless connection.

    However you do have to pay to use xbox Live which is a bit like the playstation network and the wii network.

    there are many packages available with gold being open to everything, pay £40 a year for my gold subscription but you can pay monthly. depends wether you want to try it out.there may even be a free trial period the first time your xbox realises its connected it will tell you whats on offer.

    it may seem harsh at first to have to pay for xbox services but it is well worth it once you have everything set up.

    best of luck!

  5. YES.

    Xbox Live membership

    Data Usage if you’re on like a Verizon mifi hub or something similar.

    You need a wireless antenna attachment which runs you between 50~100 to even connect wirelessly.

    Hope this helps. Good Luck.

  6. You have to pay for your monthly internet access. There isn’t an incremental charge for connecting any number of devices, Xbox 360 included, to the internet access you already pay for.

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