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Do you have to pay anything if you download something for the xbox kinect?


Basically the question says it all 🙂 If i want to download soemthing for my game : Your shape fitness evolved, do I have to pay anything , or does it just take space on the memory?

Thanks for the answers 🙂

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  1. it depends. when you select what you want to download a screen will appear with how much it is. it uses microsoft points so if you dont have any on your account then you cant get anything anyways. there will be an option on the same page to add points and then to add a payment option if you wish to buy straight from xbox. you can get points cards wherever games are sold. they are $20 for 1600 points. some things you download are free but are rare. everything you will need to know will be on the page when you select the thing you want to download. dont worry. its not hard to figure out. pretty straight forward.

    heres a list of the things you can download for YourShape. keep in mind, next to the game box you will see a little gray picture of a controller. when that controller has a ” + ” sign on it then thats things you can download to add to the game.

    [url is not allowed].

  2. Game add ons are rarely free. Go to what you want in the Marketplace, then select download, on the next page it will tell you if it is free, or if it will cost Microsoft points.

  3. Buy MS point and then use it if you want to download any software,etc. (some are pay by card via Xbox through internet)

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