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Disc Jam | Launch Trailer | PS4


Disc Jam | Launch Trailer | PS4


  1. Only people that will ever say this game sucks are those who don't even bother trying it. What a waste though they're missing out on an already amazing and free game. Everyone should please give it a chance so that the development team doesn't give up on it and will bring us more updates.

  2. Is there any good players out there? I've played 20 matches so far and my opposition has not been the best.
    Playing with someone better is so much more fun! Add PerfektPer if you feel like playing!

  3. Fun game but really needs something to balance the players cause I keep getting into matches with guys who are impossible to beat lol.

  4. they need to fix the online connection as well the match making, and cool songs in the menus like rocket league has, oh and more arenas!

  5. It's actually a really fun little game! I look forward to see how it develops

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