Home Playstation Games Dead Space Ignition Walkthrough – Part 1 (XBLA/PSN)

Dead Space Ignition Walkthrough – Part 1 [HD] (XBLA/PSN)


Dead Space Ignition Walkthrough - Part 1 [HD] (XBLA/PSN)


Dead Space Ignition: PS3-Gameplay (Demo)


  1. what the hell is this???? this is the wost dead space game ever where is the shooting where the pissing your parts fear. where the cool armor sluts where the meal ass bad guys. this game need to lose the name dead space and call it hacker space. but i guess some people may have fun with this game but not me. but the stony look like it could be interesting.

  2. Mostly a hacking game set in the deadspace uni. Fun but not a 'true' deadspace game if thats what you were looking for

  3. I hate that too man. That is why i name my playthroughs as playthroughs and not walkthroughs because i'm just playing through the game (usually for the first time too) I wouldn't want people to mistake my videos as a WALKTHROUGH because i know how fucking annoying that is.

    I hate it when people name their videos as walkthrough just so they can get more views

  4. Man, I miss walkthroughs. You know how fucking hard it is to find a actual walkthrough nowadays? It's always some faggot that mistakes walkthrough with letsplay. What the FUCK is a blind walkthrough? REALLY? You are going to tell us how to beat the game, while showing any collectibles, unlocks etc, WHILE PLAYING THE GAME FOR THE FIRST TIME?! HOW? Oh my fucking god! Don't even get me started on how fucking bad these people are at playing a game.

  5. das sieht ja voll scheiße aus werds mir garantiert nicht runterladen !!!! was hat das meplay überhaupt mit dead space zu tun die wollen doch nur wieder kohle machen !!!!

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