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Console Classics 101 – The Original Xbox


Console Classics 101 - The Original Xbox


  1. this Xbox was good with games but the one thing i hated was i went through 4 of these and each one had the same failure with the CD Rom Drive each one i had only lasted 6 months and then the CD Rom would stop reading Disks deeming it not being able to read disks and turn into an oversized paperweight after the fourth one quit on me i said fuck Xbox…..

  2. I'll say that one time: best games on 1st Xbox were:


  3. PS2, XBOX = Tie
    PS3, XBOX 360 = Xbox wins
    PS4, XBOX ONE = PS4 Wins.
    Now let's take a look at the PS5 and Xbox Scorpio. I really hope they bring back the XBOX 360 dashboard design to the Scorpio because I miss the NXE Dashboard. Now the Xbox one dashboard looks ok, but not as good as the 360. PS5 will be better, most likely, if the Xbox Scorpio doesn't bring the green and white design back.

  4. does Original Xbox Component Cable (not Composite Cable) plug into the A.V. Port? does it have the same plug as the Composite Cable? please reply?

  5. It's crazy to think I never really knew what live even was. My friend back then had it, he'd play halo but he said all that happen was he kept getting sniped & it was like playing with pros… lmao.

  6. 2 of the lessor known gems for this system was "Armed and Dangerous" (fps that featured a shark gun, yes that's right, a friggin shark gun!), and Crimson Skies. Both of these were XBox exclusives.

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