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Classic Game Room – FIST OF THE NORTH STAR: KEN’S RAGE for Xbox 360 review


Classic Game Room - FIST OF THE NORTH STAR: KEN'S RAGE for Xbox 360 review


  1. Lord Karnage lol " well she has a charming personality" good review sadly I barely picked this up yesterday, Unfortunately I learned about this from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

  2. Fist of the North Star Ken's Rage: Where everyone is strong enough to pick up a steel girder

  3. Click the thumbs up icon for this game to be released on Steam. This and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven.

  4. No sir mad max but if Bruce lee was resurrected and wanted to fight fat guys with his thumbs

  5. this game is amazing and i'm glad that it got a positive rating… i'm currently playing it… btw: Jagi is my favourite character

  6. I'm surprise by your review, Mark !! Ken is stiff as fuck. It's like he's fighting like he was still in the '90!!! He's not moving like Jagger for sure !! The main character in Sleeping Dogs would give Ken a cramp! I don't mind repetitions, I like Tetris, Bubble Bobble, Mega Man etc! The game itself is so repetitive and without a captiving gameplay, story or just the damn colors! I could not go through the third mission, I got bored I had to stop.

  7. how is that non realistic you fucking idiot? if course theirs gonna have hair your ignorance makes me so bad THE WHOLE PURPOSE IS TOO LOOK COOL

  8. I have the Ken's Rage 2 on PS3 & I freaking love it.
    After I became a fan of Hokuto No Ken series, I wanted to play games of this series.
    Finding Ken's Rage 2 was the great day for me as an gamer.
    I've played this game many hours now & I'm still playing it here & there.
    If you love Fist of the North Star or you are interested on it, buy Ken's Rage.
    However if you can, buy Ken's Rage 2, because you'll get two more storries in this game: Ken VS Empire & Ken VS Land of Shura.

  9. with the pace of the characters being slower than the usual Koei fare and of course the lessened emphasis on fighting enemies (due in no small part to the smaller enemy count and slower combat to compensate), i'd reckon it comes closer to more slower beat-em-up hack n' slash titles like God of War.

    Then again, i've only played the Demo (where Ken was relegated to fighting a boss with no level, while Rei got the actual stage/boss combo). The only reason I'm leaning more toward getting Ken's Rage 1 over 2 is because 2 doesn't have a demo on XBL, not that I've seen.

  10. Fist of the North Star was the first anime/manga I ever got into, still one of the absolute best

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