Home Playstation Games CGR Undertow – JETPACK JOYRIDE review for PlayStation 3

CGR Undertow – JETPACK JOYRIDE review for PlayStation 3


CGR Undertow - JETPACK JOYRIDE review for PlayStation 3


  1. Nice review, though I hardly find this a review 'cause it lacks a critical aspect. The game is just being praised by its excellence although it surely has its flaws.

  2. Ill admit i didn't wanna have to wait to get the 100% so i bought 500,000 in coins and bought all the items needed for the gold trophy. Now i got 100% good fun lil game

  3. I was very sceptical but for the 1,49€ it's very enjoyable! I just wanted a quick 100% with this but i have played for 10 hours in total on this game!! 🙂

  4. Saying this game is a waste of time just because it's a smaller game on a bigger system, is kind of injustice to it. No game is a waste of time if you enjoy playing it. Besides, it's a free game, what do you have to lose? This game kept me up to 7 AM, and I am still addicted and loving it.

  5. Actually, people can play it whenever or wherever they like. There's no right or wrong when it comes to this subject. You kids these days don't understand what gaming is all about. You think it's all about fancy graphics that you strangely salivate over, and collecting imaginary trophies/achievements. Well, you guys are wrong. Gaming is all about having a fun time. Jetpack Joyride is fun, and you can have fun with it on your living room TV if you want. It's not merely a train ride time-killer.

  6. It is also on the Vita… which is the superior way to play, if you ask me. It being a free download is also a plus. 🙂

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