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Can you play xbox 360 games on a xbox one?


Long story short, my xbox 360 took a nice little trip down a flight of stairs and is no longer in working condition. I was going to get a xbox one eventually but I figured I should get one when they come out to replace the broken 360, my only problem is I’m not sure if I can play my xbox 360 games on an xbox one.

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  1. As far as xbox goes. they are a bunch of * wipes forcing people to buy all new games for this new xbox one. These people are steering the consumer into forcing people to buy, buy, buy, Im sure by now they have the xbox two and three ready to go after everyone has waisted their hard earned cash on this xbox one. Dont buy this * its a waist of money. they are just going to come out with another and make you buy it if you like playing these games. Steer these corporations for a change.

  2. Sorry, but the games won’t be compatible for the Xbox One. It’s because of the way the system is built. Anything they would want to use from the 360 would have to be rebuilt to suit the new system.

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