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Buyer Beware of Best Buy deal with Xbox One S and Samsung – Colteastwood


Best Buy is selling a bundle 55: Samsung 4K TV with an Xbox One S and a free game for the low price of 0.
But DON’t buy this bundle!
Here’s the TV review: http://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/samsung/ku6300

Buyer Beware of Best Buy deal with Xbox One S and Samsung - Colteastwood


  1. I bought a 4k tv because i bought the xbox one S. can you tell if this was a good option? Samsung – 40" Class (40" Diag.) – LED – 2160p – Smart – 4K Ultra HD TV with High Dynamic Range – Black

  2. I am getting either the Samsung KU6300 or the SONY X800D on Black Friday. Right now their standard price is between $475 to $570 at 50". I heard these two TV's I mentioned here are the best budget TV's for 4K and HDR gaming. I have a 42" 3D VIZIO right now. So one of these two 4K TV's are going to be a huge leap.

  3. Good job bro! The Samsung KU6300 (or the KS series) and up is good! After the September update it supports HDR 10.

  4. don't listen to this review .. the ku 6300 is a good midrange tv on sale this week at a great price..rtings .. the source he cites as his proof.. says it's hdr compatible.. and it is .. also , they recomend it strongly in it's price range..

  5. my mistake its ign.com that says this is one of the top 5 tv for the xbox one s maybe not the best but if your on a budget its great

  6. first of all the ku6300 has this tv as one of the best 5 tv for the xbox one s also i have the ku6300 and the xbox one s and it works perfect cnet has updated there site now saying the ku6300 is a 10 panel tv so your wrong the ku6300 does have hdr probally not the best but it does support hdr go back and check cnet review

  7. It supports HDR 10 on an 8-bit panel so its not great but to say its not supported is incorrect I think.

  8. in Canada the 65" KS8000 was $3798 the 65 KU6290 plus was $1698 plus 10% tax on both WTF well i went with the KU6290 and after I find out the HRD is bullshit on it. I went to return it and only to find out it true HRD was more then 2X the price I hate this country some times

  9. If you want real HDR10 then you're gonna have to spend over $1000 for a 55" TV e.g. KS8000 series. Though this model is not a true HDR but still a great value for gaming due to low input lag. The picture quality is still better than most SDR 4K TVs

  10. I personally have an Xbox One S with a 4k Smart TV that doesn't have HDR. I hade to make a tradeoff because I didn't want to pay more than 700 Euro's for my TV. For a 700 Euro Smart TV you can't have everything, so I got a TV with great reviews, 4k, 3d, and basically everything I wanted but HDR. I'm still very happy with it. I think HDR is a great technology, but it's very subjective whether or not this is the most important in a Smart TV of this price.

  11. if you want the best tv for hdr10 for the xbox one s get the samsung ks8500 it's at the top of every list for reviewers

  12. I am not gonna lie, it made me chuckle a little seeing this while people are still claiming pc are expensive. :p

    Thanks for the warning.

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