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BROKEN SWORD 5 The Serpents Curse Walkthrough – Part 1 Gameplay 1080p


Full HD Broken Sword 5 The Serpent’s Curse walkthrough gameplay no commentary Part 1.
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BROKEN SWORD 5 The Serpents Curse Walkthrough - Part 1 Gameplay 1080p


  1. I haven't played all of them yet, and I still miss the first one.
    Also miss Monkey Island, but the 1st ones.. not the new animated ones.

  2. Man I can't remember how long BS1-4 were but I completed Ep1 in about 3 hours and I'm already near the end of Ep2 (it says about 75+%, I'm outside the temple in Monsterrat). Theres just not enough Broken Sword 5 lol.

    Other than the length though, I'm LOVING this game!

  3. Such a great game (franchise). Im really looking forward to a new chapter. The music, the puzzles, the characters, the nostalgia; i love everthing about it!
    I would say, they should hardly change anything, just puzzles and atmosphere!

  4. mr lolspeck you are inrtiding. how would i know you like anime and you aren't a kid on the block. rpg suck as you say but keep wars apart for not becoming soldiers. lolspeclol.

  5. I've noticed in the Broken Sword games they mainly bring old characters back. Always liked the Broken Sword Games.

  6. Is this game any good? Seems to be mixed opinions here.  It looks ok, but kind of looks like Flash but with Cel Shaded graphics.

  7. I liked this game right up until I had to deal with a cockroach to progress and it didn't give me the option to just step on it. It broke the immersion for me and I quit.

  8. if BASS2 will be on that shallow artistic level, better they never do it.. this paintwork looks as clean as an ordinary disney or a children's story book.. graphic click adventures should be more abstract creative and less ordinary… it's what makes them a cult and ahead of 3d vectors.. please get rid of the feather effects in your next project especially in shadows they look awful and kill the hand-paint drama. also those blurring effects! what's wrong with art directors these days?! stop the junk food and eat well :).. i hope this helps revolution games back on track

  9. I love the original games, they were excellent back in the days ps1 brings back  memories lol

  10. i have BS 1 & 2 on PS1, BS 3 on PS2 and BS 4 on PC..and i just bought the collectors edition of BS 5..i love this series, and i really hope they make a 6th game in the future!

  11. i hate the hipster fans of this franchise pressuring the developers to revert back to the old cartoony boring graphics. i appreciate the effort and the hand-drawn skill of the artist but i prefer the "realistic" version (BS3 and BS4) of this game – suits current generation and successfully conveys the "mysterious creepy" feeling it's supposed to portray. i just wished they continued improving it in 3D realistic environment like what they started in BS3, but no, thanks to the hipsters who wanted the crappy cartoon style.

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