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Broken ps3, NEED HELP!?


So ive had my ps3 for a year and 2 months and just recently whenever i turn it on it tells me the there’s corrupt data. It tries to restore the data but when its done it just restarts and i get the same message. Ive already tried the safe mode options but none of them work, there is not progress bar, the ps3 literally does nothing when i choose an option. I even left it on for 2 day and STILL no progress bar. I really don’t want to send it into sony, ive heard bad things about sending it to them. Not to mention i don’t have 200$ to spend on a repair. Any suggestions on what else i can do? What other places do repair (I live in the Edmonton AB area)? Is it any cheaper at those places? Or am i honestly just sh*t out of luck?

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  1. Try swapping the HDD for another one.

    Have you enetered Recovery mode and tried installing the firmware again using a pen drive? If not, download the firmware from the PlayStation site and put it on a pen drive under PS3>UPDATE (all capital letter). And eneter recovery mode (google how to enter it) and install it from there.

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