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Beyond Eyes #1 Chapter 1 – Let’s Play Beyond Eyes | HD Gameplay


Beyond Eyes #1 Chapter 1 - Let's Play Beyond Eyes | HD Gameplay


  1. I think you put it best when you said: "Gaming is not only an exercise for your thumbs, it's an exercise for your senses".  I have no problem with games like this that are more about just exploring, even when there isn't much you can do to interact.  But I'm super cheap so I wouldn't be able to justify it at its current price.  But I can also see why some people don't like games like this and consider them more like visual stories.  To each their own right?  I would've just been a bit frustrated with it seeming like there's nowhere to go and having no way to run haha.


  2. I wanted to get this game, still interested. However, I kinda hoped that first visualization would be the first obvious thing you'd imagine when you get the information from your senses but might change as you incorporate other sense later on. Like you think it's a wooden fence but then come closer, touch it and it's a wire fence you can put your feet in and climb over. Maybe even gameplay based on what you as a a player think is further down the road based on sound or whatnot. I'm kinda disappointed it's basically just a game with a really strict fog of war rule.

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