Home Playstation Forum Anyone get the Orange Box (PS3)?

Anyone get the Orange Box (PS3)?


How is it? Is it three good REAL games (not crappy mini-games)?

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  1. Sadly the ps3 version is buggier then the 360 version but it is three huge games. Portal is about 10 hours long if your very very good at it. Halflife is actually the game and two expansions very very very long and hard. then team fortress two is just an online experiance very fun if you like online shooters.

    Id recomend it for the price its at.

  2. Rented it awhile back. I didn’t really play half-life, i only had it for a couple of days. Portal is just an instant classic. A great puzzle game, and was hilarious. Team Fortress was pretty good, but I mainly rented it for Portal and didnt have time to fully explore the the other four games. The package certainly seems worth it, a good bargain bin game, unlike the other bargain bin PS3 games which are trash.

  3. Half-Life 2, ep 1, and ep 2 are pretty good. The games are interesting, they work well together, and the storyline is pretty well done. The main problem is that not unless you play half-life 1 the story might be a bit confusing (best to look up the game on wikipedia), and the graphics and design shows the game was clearly meant for the PC.

    Portal is a pretty unique and fun puzzle game, and graphics are better than the Half-Life games. Overall the game long and can get frustrating at points. It’s even more challenging the second time around if you play the advance training round.

    Team Fortress 2 is actually pretty good. The different character classes keep the game interesting with a good mix of offensive, defensive, and support classes and the almost clay design is a pretty unique for most first person shooters. The only complaint is that most players stick to two or three maps and it seems the only servers that are available are the European servers (they lag very badly if you don’t have a good connection).

    Overall, 5 games for around $40, it’s a very good deal. So I highly recommend you get it.

  4. It’s

    Half Life 2: Roughly 14 hours game length, generally considered to be one of the best games ever made

    Half Life 2, Episode 1: 4 hour long expansion to Half Life 2

    Half Life 2: Episode 2 : Another separate 4 hour long expansion to Half Life 2

    Play them in that order.


    Portal-One of the best games ever made. Period. Absolutely insanely awesome. About 3-4 hours, not counting separate puzzle rooms.

    Team Fortress 2-Online only, team and class based multiplayer game.Very very balanced and very very good.
    Buy it. Now. Buy The Orange Box. Just do it.

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