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Xbox 360 E74 Error – How This Error Happened and What to Do Next


The Xbox360 E74 error code means there is a problem with the graphics processing unit. Either the chip shorted out or it over heated. In most cases the Xbox 360 over heated and caused the E74 code to pop up. Dust is the number one leading cause of overheating, the second reason is the heat sink loosened up. The heat sink is held on by the X-Clamps on the bottom of the motherboard. These X-Clamps are nothing more than an X shaped piece of metal with a bend to it that hold pressure on the heat sink. Over time these clamps lose their spring, this is caused by long term heating and cooling of the X-clamps.

A few things you can do to prevent the E74 code from happening is.

  • Keep your Xbox 360 in a well ventilated area
  • Do not set your Xbox 360 on the carpet
  • Buy an Xbox 360 cooling pad
  • Take part the Xbox 360 at least twice a year and blow it out with compressed air

These are all things you can you to help prevent any serious problems from developing including the Red Ring of Death. Should you happen to get one of these problems you should try to fix it yourself vs. buying another Xbox 360. If fix it yourself and start a routine Maintenance plan then you know your Xbox 360 will last as long as you want it to. If you buy a used Xbox 360 then you’re open for another problem to arise if the previous owner did not take care of it.

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Submitted On January 01, 2010Console SystemsThe Xbox 360 E74 error code is telling you there is a problem with the graphics processing unit inside. Learn ways to prevent the E74 error code and what to repair the issue by reading on.Xbox 360 E74, E74 error, Xbox360 repair guide, Repair of xbox, Xbox repair guide

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