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what is the easist way to hook up xbox live if my xbox is in my basement and my comp. is upstairs in my room?


im just trying to hook it up the easiest and cheapest way =/

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  1. The Cheapest way is also the hard way, you can buy a very long cable from Newegg.com (they offer the best price for an ethernet cable) and run it through your house, unless you know of a way run it through the floor.

    The Easiest way is also the most expensive, but it can be cheap if you do some research. You will need a wireless router to transmit the internet and a wireless adapter to receive it for your Xbox. Wireless routers have varying prices, unless you already have one. The Wireless adapter for the Xbox is about $100.

  2. The easiest way isn’t the cheapest way. The easiest way is with one of Microsoft’s wireless adapters. The cheapest way is with a really really long Ethernet cable.

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