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PS3 Error: Trophies won’t load?


Here’s the story:

I usually play my PS3 Slim through HDMI, but I brought it to a friend’s house, and her TV has no HDMI input, so I held down the power button to reset my settings.

Now my trophies won’t load, and some of my games won’t start either. This is unrelated to the recent issue with the internal clocks.

How can I fix this?

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  1. is there a chance you recently changed your accounts password or e-mail address ( or shared with someone who may have )?

    this error code is rare but about 18 months ago happened to some people who had their passwords or e-mail changed by themselves or another user.

    somehow the system got deactivated in account management so check it’s activated in account management , a few times that alone fixes it in others it’s more complex

    anyway the solution people found was a little annoying but worked.

    back up your saves to a usb stick , delete your user but not the psn account. create a new user , sign up using your existing account with your password and e-mail. sign in. copy your saves from the usb stick , delete and redownload any playstation store items because they’ll become corrupted when you delete the user – dlc like map packs is deleted by deleting game data so that all has to be done.

    nobody ever found out why this error occurs other than if you changed information but it could be caused by some games that require sign in and detect a change in ip address – the copyright protection might corrupt the system – since some of these protected games have a 24 hour sign in limit to prevent game sharing maybe wait a day and see if it self corrects?

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