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ps2 graphics on a ps3 and gamecube graphics on a wii?


As most owners of a gamecube and/or ps2 realize after connecting them to a HDTV, the graphics suck.

My best example is this fighter plane game i have for ps2, you can see the rectangular outline of the jet. Just horrible on a HDTV.

Well, my friend lend me his ps3 and I was able to test my ps2 library. What a difference! Yes, the graphics can be jagged at times, but it looks better than it did on an analog set. I was very happy with the results. Hell I’m buying a ps3 just to play the ps2 games. lol.

Now here’s my question. I have gamecube and hte graphics are just as terrible on a HDTV. Wii can play gamecube games. If I buy a wii, how does the graphics of a gamecube game look? Will the graphics be playable on a HDTV?

I’m not expecting hd quality. I just want my old games to be playable.


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  1. the games look exactly the same in the wii. the ps3 has a built in upscaler that makes the games look much better. the wii plays even wii games in 480p so it basically leaves the upscaling to the tv.

    going on about 8 months since ive even turned on my wii. especially with gta4 coming out tomorrow i dont think ill be playing with my wii for quite a while. (that just sounds dirty, but you get the point)

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