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Playstation 3 hard drive?


my friend today told me that he would sell me his playstation 3 if he could find a way to get all of his info off of his hard drive into a new slim ps3. is there any easy way to do this w/out bringing it out to a tech?
yeah. thanks for that bud. but really i want to know about this. Don’t care about your opinion on ps3’s or 360’s, if you’re gonna answer let it actually answer the question please.

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  1. For game-save data, you copy it to a USB flash drive. He may find that some of his games won’t allow this due to copy-protection, but most of them should.

    When he has his new PS3, he must sign up to the PSN network using the same PSN ID, password and email as he already has, then he will be able to re-download all his DLC and PSN games for free. He will also get his trophy information and friends list back:)

  2. just use a memory stick of some sort like a usb flash drive and save all the information to the flash drive, then just transfer it to the new ps3

  3. Sure, take a external USB hard drive and hook it up to the USB port on the PS3 then you can copy all of the game saves by highlighting them and pressing the triangle and press copy. It will go to the external hard drive.

    Then you hook the external hard drive to his slim and he can upload everything to it.

  4. Use the PS3 backup utility and an external hard drive or flash drive that has enough room to back up the data from the internal hard drive: [url is not allowed].

    On the PS3 Slim, you will use the same utility to restore the backed up data to that console. Make sure to set up the same user name and associated PSN name on the new console first, so that media previously downloaded from the PSN will be able to be accessed.

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