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Might get a 360?


Thinking of selling my Wii, which I barely use for a xbox 360. Played it at a friends house, and I must say I loved it. I have about 10 games on my wii, barely play them, Zelda is good though. And I played, Halo 3, Gears Of War, Guitar Hero, and other various games on the 360 and its great.

So.any adivce?

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  1. well all the systems are gonna be getting better with time.it took the 360 over a year to start to get good and ps3 needs more time as well.if u like casual games go with wii.if u like shooters id go with 360 for now.if u basically like everything else id get a ps3.it has a much higher potential and only has about 1.5% of its systems break rather than the 360’s 33%.ps3 seems to freeze in stores like best buy but people who have one at home say it never freezes even if they play it for 9 hours.mostly if u liked ps2 get ps3 if u liked xbox get 360.they will both be better but ps3 has 5 times as much space as xbox.50gb to 10gb game discs and sony has one in development for 200gb blu ray disc so ps3 has better specs and will definately have better graphics when developers learn to use it right.

  2. If you can get Xbox Live, get the 360. But if your not going to play online, you might as well stay with the Wii.

    I prefer 360 myself.

  3. Wii are going for high prices on ebay. Selling the wii would basically buy a xbox 360 elite plus a game or two. If you like the 360, get it esp if you don’t even play the wii.

  4. The XBOX 360 is probably the best current gen system out there right now. I wanted a Wii so bad when it first came out and could never find one, finally I just bought a 360 and man o man did I ever make the right choice. I mean minus the Nintendo made games such as your Zelda’s and Mario’s, Nintendo has always pissed on the ever oh so important 3rd party games. So NO GTA4, NO OBLIVION, NO BIOSHOCK, NO HALO 3.

    10 games you say, if those are all store bought and not some from the arcade then you have already invest 500 bucks into your Wii.wow. I would hang onto your Wii and maybe just sell some of your games and save up some money and get a 360. The core system is now 350 dollars and the 360 has a massive amount of great titles coming out real soon. So I would go with both, but if you HAD to choose, go XBOX 360 all the way woooooo!

  5. Yes if you are going to get a xbox 360 then you should get the elite version. It comes with a super nice 120 gb hard drive (100 gb more than the original) and an hdmi port for awesome graphics.

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