1. this is basically case in point why we tell anyone begging to gameshare to screw off and pay for it like the rest of us.and also why we don’t help the tons of broke little kids begging for XBL trials and crap either.

    We’re not really being mean on purpose we just don’t know them but do know what can happen when you give complete strangers access to your account.

    .and having said that, if it makes you feel better you’re not the first to screw up like this on here today

    As for trying to fix this all you can really do is hope changing the password on your account through xbox.com will stop him and hope he hasn’t gone nuts w/ your account if you have a credit card attached to it

  2. That’s what happens when you give your password to people. Why the hell would you lend someone your account with your information on it AND a 1 year membership?!? Give him your number and home adress while you’re at it. Stuff like that can’t be recovered. Even Microsoft have a rule to NOT share your XBL info with other people. Smh -_-

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