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Xbox360 on and off rrod?


My xbox360 has the Red ring of death but sometimes it works just fine other times it wont work at all just shows the rrod i opened it up cleaned it up was allot of dust inside turned it on and still the rrod shows up (yes i know that voids the warranty but it never had one.) it was never dropped or anything just started happening out of the blue anyone know what could be wrong? ive heard of people with the same problem but there’s never came back after about 5mins of leaving it off.

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  1. Xbox has an entire site on their help support that gives you troubleshooting options for Rrod’s. Most of the time it’s from over heating, try putting it in a more cool place, after it red rings try un plugging it for a little and giving it time to cool of, if it works, then it’s over heating.

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