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xbox slim freezing on startup?


HI all

i just got an xbox slim which is still never been modded.

this xbox is a 250 gb model is having a problem that i never saw. as soon as i switch it on is starts the splash screen and it gets frozen before showing the complete xbox logo. from where i got the xbox told me that it happened as soon as he just made official update.

Tried the following till now:

tried hdd on another slim and hdd works

if i try to switch on xbox with no hdd inserted it will not even boot up

i formatted the hdd on another xbox but it still stucks on in the same place.

ANY IDEA PLSS? if there is a way including external modding just let me know

thanks in advance

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  1. Is your xbox standing up on it’s side? If so, lie it down. Otherwise, unplug it from the socket on the wall for 5 seconds then put it back on. Failing that, contact xbox on their website and they will ask you to send it to them so they can fix it if they can’t advise anything. Good luck! 🙂

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