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Xbox Live NAT settings help?


I wanted to know how to change you NAT settings on a college campus. I’m getting that error that everyone seems to get where you cant connect with one friend because of their NAT settings. Well mine is set to moderate and everywhere I check online says to reset your modem or router. Since I am a student on campus I do not have access to either of these, so what should I do?


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  1. My brother had the same problem, and unfortunately, there’s really little you can do outside of contacting your IT head at your college and asking him if they can ask one of the networking people to port forward the various ports on the network.my brother attempted this and they said “We’ll see what we can do”, but from what i understand, never did anything.

    He ended up getting Clear wire in his dorm and while the connection speed wasn’t great, he was able to adjust his settings on his own router so he could have an open NAT (the speeds he was getting in Atlanta were more than sufficient for Xbox Live play, but they were about 1/3 of the colleges provided speed).

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