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Xbox 360, Ps3, or PC?


Which do you like better?

Why do you like it better?

Proof that its better then both.

More reasons.

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  1. I would definitely choose a moderately configured pc.Cuz u can play ps3 or xbox games with emulators and controllers in ur pc.and u dont need to worry for about half a decade if u wanna play the latest games as u can always upgrade ur pc’s hardwares or maybe OC it.

  2. Xbox:

    Pros: Great controllers, Great Exclusives (Halo), Most of my friends have it, not sure about you, great interface, overall awesome console.

    Cons: Have to pay to go online.


    Pros: Blu-Ray Player, Free Online.

    Cons: Worse controllers, not as great interace and not as great online.


    Pros: Has the capability to be way stronger than both PS3, more mature community, free online.

    Cons: If you want to have a good one it’s very expensive.

  3. Xbox bet for gaming w friends and has best controller but be willing to pay for live. It has halo and the other two don’t.

    Ps3 has free Internet with some glitches but also some interesting games just for ps3 like little big planet resistance and killzone

    Pc-pretty sure u have Internet already so it shouldn’t be any additional cost for Internet so that’s good, also it has amazing graphics and will run games like battlefield 3 amazingly AND there are ways to buy 360 controllers and use them with a pc. However they cost much more than an xbox or a ps3.

    I’d choose pc cuzza performance and amazing graphics etc but don’t go cheap cuz in the end if you have live w an xbox it will cost a ton too. So if your lOoking for cheaper ps3 is oddly the answer. I have and love xbox tho.

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