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Xbox 360 has problem signing in?


Hello, my Xbox 360 has a problem signing in on Xbox Live after a recent update, i’ve turned my router/modem on and off and the problem is still there, what can i do to fix this?

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  1. maybe your gold live subscription is over? or maybe you need to connect your xbox with an eternet cable? do you have the new or old xbox? wireless black system or old white system? add me on xboxlive once you get on my gamertage – dieyoungV.

  2. Im in the uk and its not been working all day but i did sign in once but it only worked for 20mins

    max but my m8 who lives next door is fine

  3. A few people are having connectivity problems – are you on Virgin Media? Because I am, and I sure as hell can’t connect.

    Just wait it out, good luck! 😉

    EDIT: Back on for me now.

  4. i am getting a connection error as well it says if problem persists call xbox live and i cant seem to get xbox live going.

  5. im the same mate, tried resetting the router and everything but still wont let me into xbox live. It says im connected to the internet on the live test but wont let me sign in. has never happened before

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