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Will microsoft create xbox portable?



  1. People have been asking that question for years. Still no sign of one.

    My gut instinct is that we will not see one for a long time if at all. Especially now that many cell phones can compete in the portable game market too.

  2. Microsoft hasn’t revealed anything significant about a portable xbox device. They plan to compete with the portable gaming market with their Windows 7 Phones, which have the ability to play gaming apps (similar to the iphone or android).

    They might be working on one, but I don’t see it coming out any time soon.

  3. Awesome! I think you and I are the only ones who has thought of that! I wonder right? Probalbly not. There is not much chance that they will make a portable. Although it would be freakin awesome. I like Xbox more than PS3, so i would love it if they created one! I have a PSP, but i would sell it for the microsoft version. I’m not against Sony, but I like microsoft games.

  4. Maybe in a few years. they are probably working on it now, they might announce one at the next E3, or the one after that. But really, I wouldn’t buy it, unless it looked really impressing. I’m not really into portable gaming, besides when I used to play pokemon on Gameboy. I think they are a lot more focused on consoles though.

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