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will i lose all the achievments i hav done if i recover it?


ok, well, i got my xbox the other day and i set up my gamer tag online. i hav done 21/49 achievments and got all the skulls. my profile has the same name as my gamer tag. will i lose all my achievements if i recover my gamer tag?

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  1. You will still have your achievements. I have two Xbox 360’s (don’t ask) and anytime I play in a different room I have to recover my gamertag. Everytime my achievements are there.

  2. i had a friend who did this.

    as long as you choose to convert your old gamertag into an xbl tag then it will keep your achievements

    BUT if you dont do this you still wont lose your old gamertag you will just have 2 seperate tags and when your 2 months or whatever are up then you can still convert your old one just make a new microsoft acount thingy

  3. I assume your speaking of Halo achievements. Either way when I set up my XBL I was given the option to use my original ofline gamertag and to convert that to a Xbox live gamertag. I never did this but I would assume your Achievements are migrated if you take the afore mentioned option (if said option exists)

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