Home Playstation Forum will cd cleaner on disc damage my ps3 laser or lens?

will cd cleaner on disc damage my ps3 laser or lens?


laser lens

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  1. Maybe. Some of them are reliable and some of them aren’t. But the bottom line is, you can’t guarantee good results if you put a disc in your ps3 that is designed to touch the lens while spinning around.

    I have a 60, I have heard there is some kind of self-clean mode on the 40.

    However there is only one truly safe way to clean the lens of any optical media, that is to open the case, and gently rub a propanol-moistened q-tip from the center of the lens outwards in a spiraling motion, then very lightly touch the dry end of the q-tip to the lens to soak up excess propanol. Then give it a minute to evaporate and you’ve got a clean lens.

    You don’t want to open the case until your warranty has expired, but if your warranty hasn’t expired yet, the chances that your lens needs cleaning are virtually nil. It is not easy for dirt or dust to get inside the ps3 disc slot and reach the lens.

  2. If you use the liquid, it will damage the PS3. Playstation even says not to use it. It will not damage the system to use the laser lens cleaner with the bristles, I use that and my PS3 has been fine.

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