Home Playstation Forum why does the ps3 40 gb not have backwards compatibility?

why does the ps3 40 gb not have backwards compatibility?


im looking to buy a ps3 and i was really interested in the 40 gb model but now that im researching im finding out that it doesnt support backwards compatibility (playing ps2/ps1 games) why is this?

also, whats the difference in the different sizes in gb? like what

is it really for? all the memory.

do you think if i got a 20 gb would that be good enough to store stuff like game demos ect?

thanks alot in advance

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  1. Sony cut costs so that they would have a model that was more appealing from a cost standpoint and so they introduced the 40GB for $399.99! All other models were $499.99! By deleting 2 USB ports, removing media card reader, SACD capabilities and removing the Backwards Compatibility feature, Sony was able to shave off $100 on the 40GB model!

    As you may or may not know, at launch in November 2006, Sony initially introduced two PS3 models: A 20GB and a 60GB! Both of these models had Backwards Compatibility as they came equipped with the PS2’s “Emotion Engine” CPU CHIP installed which allowed for near 100% BC! The differences between these 2 models were price (20GB sold for $499.99) and the 60GB sold for $599.99)! In addition, the 20GB lacked wifi (wireless) internet connectivity, SACD ( Super Audio CD) capability and media card reader capability.

    The 60GB (which is generally considered the best version of all PS3 models) came equipped with everything including wifi, media card reader capability, and SACD capability.

    Ultimately these two models were discontinued due to lack of interest (20GB) and to cut costs (60GB)!

    Sony then introduced two additional models namely being the 40GB and the now discontinued 80GB!

    The 40GB was roughly the same as the 20GB in terms of features but unlike the 20GB, the 40GB doesn’t have BC!

    The 80GB had BC but unlike the 20GB and 60GB models which actually had the PS2’s “Emotion Engine” CPU installed, Sony opted to go with a software emulator program that mimicked the PS2’s EE CPU CHIP thus the 80GB only worked with roughly 75%-85% of PS2 games.

    Now the only version of the PS3 still in production is the inferior 40GB!

    Sony recently announced yet another PS3 model due sometime in late summer. This new model will feature an 80GB HDD (Hard Disk Drive), the Dual Shock 3 controller, limited BC (although its rumored that this model will have both the PS2’s “Emotion Engine” CPU chip installed and the software emulator program installed) and above all, the latest model will come as a bundled deal with the highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid: Guns Of The Patriot included as a pack-in game all for around $499.99!

    I’d wait and get this PS3 as it just may be the best version released!

    Hope this helps!

    P.S. The HDD sizes i.e. 20GB, 40Gb, 60GB and 80GB are there for downloads such as movies, games etc etc etc! The bigger the HDD the more you can save!

    P.S. BC = Backwards Compatibility and this includes PS1 and PS2 games!

  2. Iam not 2 sure but i think the 20gb version has been discontinued. I think they have also removed backward compatiility from all ps3s bcuz they want to earn money by people who want to download ps3 games. Sony r really being tight@sses about alot of things.

  3. You have one thing wrong: The 40GB DOES play PS1 games. Just no PS2 games. It is missing the Playstation 2 chip from inside that the 80GB model has.

    The 20GB model is permanently discontinued. It has full PS2 backwards compatibility, but no wifi.

    Demos take up about a gig, games take up like 1-5gb. No matter which model you get, you can upgrade the harddrive to any 2.5″ SATA drive without voiding your warranty. Just copy your saves to a flash drive, put in the new drive (videos on youtube), and then copy your game saves back.

    If you don’t care about PS2 games, get a 40gb. There’s a ton of games coming out for the PS3 this year (I think the count was 187), so you’ll be fine without it. If you have a huge collection of PS2 games, try to find a 20 or 60gb, since those have both PS2 chips inside. That will get you ~99% backwards compatibility. The 80GB model has about 80%

    [url is not allowed].

    All PS3s play ~99% of PS1 games, since it has and always will be 100% software emulation.

    The 80GB has 2 more USB ports than the 40gb (40gb has 2 usb ports) and memory card readers. However, you can get a 40gb and buy a USB hub or USB memory card reader and those will work. I’ve never used more than 2 USB ports on my PS3 anyhow. Both the 80gb and 40gb have wifi and ethernet, but the 40gb has no ethernet cord in the box.

    You’ll need a HDMI cable or component if you want to play in HD.

    You may have a difficult time finding the 80gb PS3 if you try to find it now. It has been discontinued, but not permanently discontinued like the 60 and 20gb models. On June 12th, they’re releasing a Metal Gear Solid 4 package, complete with an 80gb PS3, a Dualshock 3 controller (if you buy separately it’s $54.99), and of course MGS4. The Motorstorm pack has Motorstorm, a Sixaxis controller, and the 80GB PS3.

    The Sixaxis has motion sensing, and the Dualshock 3 has rumble and motion. It’s not really needed, but if you want rumble you can get it. Not all old games support rumble, but most new games will.

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