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Which 2 games should I buy? and Why?


I’m trying to decide between the following PS3 games:

Mafia II

Resident Evil 4


Just Cause 2


Tom Clancy Splinter Cell

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Saints Row 2

Medal of Honor Frontline

They’re all available on the PS store.
I have little big planet. I’m not into it :/

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  1. Saints Row 2 and Just Cause 2. Both offer over-the-top, outrageous action and fun, in a large open world setting. SR 2 has crazy, amusing quests, great customization, and enjoyable gunplay and driving sequences. JC 2 is like a Hollywood action movie. It’s adrenaline pumping mayhem at it’s best. The grappling hook you use as a weapon and as a means to get around makes this game really stand out.

  2. id say crysis and mafia 2 because they r both really fun but are pretty different. but whatever u do please do not buy mw2

  3. Just cause 2 you can pretty much do anything you want, I highly reccomend that, it’s one of the better free roam games, and modern warfare 2 is good but outdated since the release of its sequel

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