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Where’s Ps3 online ID?


I recently got a ps3 and I wanted to download a demo game, but it told me to go sign up for Playstation Network so I went, then it says to fill out the info. As I was filling it out it says the online ID is created by the user but I havent made one and I don’t no where to sign up for that can someone tell me where I’m sopost to go?

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  1. k ps3 is kinda dumb bout making ids but its just saying that someone else already has that id so think of something more unique or throw a few numbers or underscores in there

    k i think yur email is already being used so try signing in instead of creating a new 1 or make anew email

  2. i am uncertian what you mean both of the other answerers. have good points. if it is used, then someone used an account on it, go to settings system settings and restore the console, then try signing up for it, if the account name was used then try another one you can remember.

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