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What’s wrong with my PS3’s HD cable?


i connected the cable to the ps3, and i can only hear the game, but not see it. The only thing that comes up on the screen is a bunch of random green lines. I replaced the cable but have the same problem. Is it my PS3 and why?

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  1. it could be the t.v itslef because hdmi cables have gold tips and inside the t.v its the same if the gold tip get bent then it wont work thats why people say you shouldnt be pulling hdmi and componint cables out

  2. It is probably your PS3. I don’t think microsoft or sony replaces systems for things like that, for instance I had a video problem but no red ring on my xBox, and they would not take it back because there was no red ring on the box = so just try finding out what you can do about it!! Research it on gaming websites and stuff. Try clicking on support or contacting them! Good luck!

  3. you need to go to settings>>>display settings>>> and choose output as hdmi. then select resolution based on your TVs capability (ex, 720p, 1080p)

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