Home Xbox Forum whats the best xbox 360 game out that doesnt need xbox live...

whats the best xbox 360 game out that doesnt need xbox live to play? (besides skyrim)?



  1. OMG call of duty modern warfare 3 story line is the best storyline ever!

    assassins creed revelations story line.

    Battlefield 3 story line

    call of duty Modern warfare 2 has a reallllly good storyline

  2. Batmans are fun Forza 4 is good Madden 12 you can do like franchise mode or superstar Assassins creed.

  3. Any of the Fallout games. They rock. And Batman: Arkham Asylum. There is a reason game magazines have been giving it 10 out of 10. It ROCKS.

    Grab Fallout: New Vegas and Batman. and we will see you in 6 months.

  4. I recommend Fable, which is a bit dated or Grand Theift Auto: IV which I strongly recommend

    As for Call of Duty, Battlefield etc. They are only enjoyible when you have Xbox Live

  5. I do have to say I think your best option would be a sandbox game. GTA, Just Cause 2, Fallout 3, possibly Fable 2 or 3(Fable games are not quite free roam). You could also go with a game like Halo or COD to play a pretty good campaign, but there is not a lot of replay on those unless you like playing campaign over and over again.

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