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What is the deal with the xbox 360? Is microsoft fixing the problem or not?


I want to buy one but not if it will break.

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  1. well, they said that SOME of the Halo 3 special edition sets have the new 65 mn chips in it and those chips should give it less of a chance of overheating/breaking. but not all halo 3 xbox 360’s have the new chip, because some have the old 90 mn chip and those have like a 30% chance of breaking. If you want, buy a halo 3 special edition one and find out if it has the new chip. If you don’t want to do that, then wait a few more weeks because there will be a new xbox 360 arcade, and that might have the new chip.

    the xbox 360 arcade is the same price as a core, but it has a wireless controller, comes with a 256 mb memory card, and comes with 5 free arcade games. that one MIGHT have the new chip, but it comes out in the last week of october and that’s when we find out. the xbox 360’s with the 65 mn chip have only a 5% chance of breaking, so that’s good. good luck bying your xbox 360.

  2. Im in the same situation, I want one but I’m having second thoughts reading about all this RROD. They don’t even know what it is, that scares me. Some say its a heat issue others disagree but no its not completely fixed they did add an extra heatsink to help cool the machine but it doesn’t prevent it.

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