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What is “Greatness Awaits” from Playstation?


I have looked around on the internet. The video on Youtube doesn’t tell me much. The website is sketchy and doesn’t tell me hardly anything if anything. I mean what’s the big secret? How hard is it to say “It’s about this and you can do this?” Not some YT video that makes me think it’s a movie and shows random things and a website designed by some crackhead. If anyone would have a more helpful answer that would be superb.

All I know is it’s a video game by Sony for the PS4.

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  1. it’s a slogan for the ps4 and what it can do , including the games and apps ,basically it means look at this new ps4 console and look at what it can do. it’s great and this greatness awaits anyone who buys the ps4 and the games for the ps4

    it’s a teaser video that’s supposed to make you go online and try to find out what it’s about and a slogan , nothing more and it worked because you were curious and went online to find out more.

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