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What can i use to record videos of my gameplay on my xbox 360 and where can i purchase the item?


I need to be able to record gameplay and upload it to my computer.

I also need to know where i could go to purchase the recording device at a good price.

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  1. Their are a few things you can use

    1. external capture device (device that plugs to the correct ports on the computer and the audio and video ports on the back of the TV this does not record gameplay but whatever is on the TV screen. note requires some degree of installation but if bought from a good source should come with its own video recording and editing software)

    2. internal capture device (complicated setup which is installed inside of your computer pretty much the same as an external capture card in terms of function but is more complicated to set up)

    3. cam corder (some cam corders or other video cameras can hook into a tv and record whats on screen however quality varies from camera to camera. before buying one make sure it can do the aforementioned functions. This can be the most expensive)

    For the two capture devices make sure your computer has the correct requirements to use them As for where to get them you could try an electronics store or computer store but you can for sure find them online. I would recommend an external device since setup is easier and it could cost less than a quality cam corder a good external device would be around 80$

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